lunedì 30 maggio 2011

WW2 Soviet tank New update

Hello friends !!!
Another great pictures of fantastic soviet tanks !! I hope you like this

Light Tank BT-5
Heavy Tank KV1 Winter camo

Light Tank T-26
Heavy Tank KV1
Light Tank T-38
Heavy Tank KV1-C

domenica 29 maggio 2011

Soviet tank KV 1 and italian tank rider !!!

Hello friends! Some photos of my holiday. This is a Soviet tank KV 1. He was rescued from the River Neva in 2007. Next week I'm going to visit the museum of artillery. The tank rider is still alive

lunedì 16 maggio 2011

Vacation! Yeah !!!!!

Hello everyone! Wednesday I go on vacation! I will not post anything but every time I connect online for news. Three weeks of merited relaxing break. I'm going to Saint Petersburg, I hope to enjoy myself so much. I will try to buy something interesting and to visit some museums of interest. Good continuation to all !!!

lunedì 9 maggio 2011

French Napoleonic HQ Staff-Zvezda Major Général Louis François Lejeune Marshal Berthier'Adjutant

Hello friends !!!!
Another fig of French Napoleonic HQ Staff !!
Another great character , Major Général Louis François Lejeune. One thing is curious, in the set there are 3 of this character! I do not know why! But i like this !!

sabato 7 maggio 2011

French Napoleonic HQ Staff-Zvezda

Hello friends !!!
Finally they arrived! I observed them closely. This is amazing,everything is perfect in every detail! This is the most beautiful set ofZvezda!! Yeah!

venerdì 6 maggio 2011

French Imperial Old Guard Grenadiers- Zvezda

Hello friends !!!
Finally, I decided to repaint my old guard!
This set is very nice! I love this brand!
I hope you like this

domenica 1 maggio 2011

WOW !!!! 50 FOLLOWERS !!!


Many thanks to all followers! I hope you enjoy this blog. I will try to do even better! I am happy that my work can give you good advice.This is a small blog, and I think that with your help, he will increase well. Thanks again to all!

Best regards 
Carlo Antonio 
This Stylish Blogger Award

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1.  Many thanks to kingsleypark of Kingsleypark's Wargaming Menagerie Blog for his nomination of me for this prestigious award !!

     -I am happily married and I am a father of 3 children!
     -You already know my main hobby! :-)
     -I like the music, I am also a musician!
     -I love pizza and good white wine
     -I do not like football!
     -Do not tell me what to do if you do not want to tell you where to go!:-)
     -I am 48 years old but I'm still a guy


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Russian Grenadier Officer and Flagbearer-"Preobrazhensky Life Guard regiment"-Zvezda

Hello friends !! 
I also finished painting this officer and this flagbearer! Slowly, I'll be able to finish this magnificent battalion!

I hope you like them !!!