martedì 7 giugno 2011

Museum of Artillery in Saint-Petersburg - Part 8 - Kalasnikov

Hello Friends !!
This is a final part dedicated to the famous Kalashnikov! I hope you like this !!

7 commenti:

  1. Beautiful museum, lovely set of photos from something I will never get a chance to visit, not without a lottery win anyway.

  2. If you have a ticket you have a chance.

    That second one down looks like the Man Who Never Was, and to think the British propaganda always said they invented that, but here we see the Russians did that one too.

  3. Another great set of photos. I'm with The Lurker, bring on the lottery win.

  4. I totally agree with the others, a great set of photo's, I'd love to visit this museum, The Angry Lurkers taking me if he wins the lottery!

  5. There´s something aesthetic about an AK....if I was to have to chose a weapon (I hope I never have to make that choice) it would have to be an AK. I´ve fired a lot of weaponary (in the past) and I didn´t want to give the AK back afterwards.
    Thanks for the pics
    PS...If I won the lottery...I´d buy the museum :-D

  6. And invite all your friends Paul?

    Great pictures of a very interesting museum. Thanks for sharing Carlo!